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Data Nerds

Imagine data nerds, who love making lists & building lasting relationships with consumers while digging marketing ditches. That’s us.

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Email and SMS aren’t glamorous marketing tools these days...

...and that’s what we love about them.

Add an insurgent brand to the mix and we’re in our sweet spot, because we love nothing more than helping to reveal the diamond in the rough. 

There are three aspects of our culture that define us: 1) We are Data Driven, 2) We are Resourceful, 3) We Enjoy Simple Pleasures.

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We Are Data Driven

Data is our religion. Sure there are best practices, but we’ve seen enough to know every assumption should be backed by data. Every situation can be further optimized with the right data set and qualitative feedback can be some of the most  valuable data. 

But having data isn't isn’t the same as being data driven. Having data is just being well informed. Being data driven means making hard decisions based on the data. That requires being open minded, willing to try new things, having an endless curiosity and a desire to always be improving. The job is never done, perfect doesn’t exist, just a continuous ratcheting up of better.

We Are Resourceful

We’ve come from startups.We’ve had to do more with less, leverage people and systems to their fullest, maximize budgets, all in short order. That’s why we love email and SMS, they are force multipliers,  able to level the playing field with competitors much larger and more resourced. 

This is where our work ethic and determination comes from, the drive to do more with less, not just work harder, but work smarter too. There are always efficiencies to be gained, tools to be leveraged, people power to harness. It’s a never ending pursuit.

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We Enjoy Simple Pleasures

The satisfaction of a great performing subject line, the unlock that comes from an A/B test, a client hitting an email list milestone, these are the everyday wins we thrive on. Because we’ve come to understand that it’s all the little wins, added up over time, that create a remarkable experience, and sustained growth.  

Don’t get us wrong, we like setting big goals, but the journey starts with just a step and we prefer to enjoy all the steps along the way; even the hard ones, because those are usually the ones that unlock the most growth. 

An email marketer can do the bare minimum and still see results... but where’d be the fun in that. If we have an idea we’ll see it through from start to finish.

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