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We round up the best-of or the cringe-iest things we’ve seen so you don’t have to do random google searches or weed through your promotional inbox to stay up to date on the latest.

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Subject Line Roundup: the best & cringe-iest • Welcome Journeys - Emails & SMS • Design Props • Company Profiles • Tools We Love • Inbox Rules & Algorithms

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What You'll See In Our Newsletter


Design Props

See something amazing in an email and want to know how to do that? Same.


Subject Line Round Up

The best-of and the not-so-best-of.

Welcome Journeys

Various welcome journeys will be profiled so we can compare cadence and content.


Tools We Love

There are so many tools out there; we'll help sift through the noise and identify what makes each one different.


Have a topic that you'd like to learn more about? Check out our Blog.

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