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Free Business Tools We Love

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It’s hard to start a business

And it’s hard to grow any business, but especially bootstrapped ones.

Below are the free tools that we use ourselves and often recommend to clients to help make the journey a bit easier… or at least smoother

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Free Tools We Love: Welcome

These Tools Are Free... And Not Just Seven-Day-Free-Trial Free

Areas of your business that these tools will help with include:

Free Tools We Love: List

Business Admin

  • Create a knowledge base from day 1 to get new employees up to speed quickly

  • Use a project management tool and set goals to be completed for each month

  • Stay secure and use LastPass to share logins & passwords


  • Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to your website; knowing which links are driving the most traffic makes future efforts easier


  • Set up basic reports in Google Data Studio so you can quickly see where your traffic is coming from so you know where to put in more effort (get the most bang for your buck!)

Creative & Branding

  • Pick a color palette and stick with it

  • Use a creative template tool to level up your Instagram grid

Email & SMS

  • Collect emails from Day 1! Email is the highest converting tool that a business can have but it is underestimated or underutilized


  • There are certain data points and calculated fields that can be collected from Day 1. Tracking this info makes sure that you're spending your money in the right places.

Download Our Free Favorite Business Tools

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For The Community


Communication Calendar Template


Tools For Email & CRM Marketers

Free Tools We Love: List
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