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In Swedish and other Nordic countries, the expression “red thread” refers to the core idea or theme.

They talk about the red thread as the “throughline” that ties together all the disparate parts.

Also known as the Red thread of destiny, it is the invisible red string that connects two people together. Similar to the idea of soul mates, it is said that the red string may stretch or tangle but can never break.

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Building on this lore, for us the red thread represents the storyline of your brand running through your communications.

If you were to step back and look at the entirety of your emails, sent to all segments across the life of your brand, you would see that brand storyline running through them. That’s the red thread. ​

And if you were to do the same with your most loyal customers, you would see a red thread connecting to each of them, running through those same emails as they are taken on a journey through your company, product and view of the world.

So our name describes our craft, the weavers of the red thread. Also, we just thought that Red Thread Digital sounded cool.

Our Name: About Me

How We Got Here

Our story starts in customer service, the marketing talent minor leagues for any fast growing consumer brand. It’s here that I was introduced to ecommerce, the consumers it services and how brands live or die based on the promises they keep… or don’t.

It’s also where I realized that data, when combined with authentic interactions can be an incredibly powerful force in building lasting bonds with customers. Following that red thread, I made my way into ecommerce and digital marketing, learning how the systems and programs interact to create a seamless brand experience.

Lured towards owned digital marketing vehicles like email because of how relationships can be cultivated over time, instead of the speed dating world of digital advertising, I settled into the craft of email and then SMS. 

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Growing Small Businesses Is Just Our Thing

Spending 10 years learning to harness the power of these vehicles at a relatively low cost, I decided it was time to set out on my own, Launching Red Thread Digital to bring this power to the people, or at least small consumer brands looking to break through the noise. ​

I saw that I could help small businesses grow more economically by maximizing email and SMS, oftentimes with nearly free and readily available tools. Then feed what we learned throughout the entire organization, to better service the customer holistically.

That’s the power of these tools and that’s why I started Red Thread Digital.

- Karin Wise, Founder and Director of Client Services

Our Name: About Me




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