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You have a few options when working with us...

You can pick:
- Audit + Assessment
- Audit + Buildout + Assessment

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$650 | 1-3 WKS




$350 | 1-2 WKS

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Detailed Info About Each Of Our Services

Pricing: Welcome


$650 | 1-3 WKS

Review Information

Assess email assets, plans, brand standards, process maps and org design.

Interview the Team

Talk with cross-functional team to understand opportunities and challenges.

Review the Processes

Gain a clear picture of the end-to-end process from planning through distribution.

Review Systems & Integrations

Develop a clear picture of the systems used, how data flows, reporting and overall capabilities

Review Communications

Evaluate existing communications to assess use of best practices and overall performance

Compile Findings

Identify challenges and opportunities along with a buildout and optimization roadmap

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Project Plan

Based on findings from the audit, build the detailed project plan.

Platforms Setup & Integrations

Lead build out and integration of additional IT systems, including email templates.

Data & Reporting Setup

Buildout baseline tracking pixels, data aggregation and reporting.

Lists and Subscription Setup

Build scalable list architecture and automated capture forms with segmentation criteria.

Core 3 Transaction Flows

Build out main purchase email flows – 1) Order Confirmation, 2) Shipping Confirmation, 3) Order Delivery.

Core 3 Customer Service Flows

Build out main customer service email flows – 1) Order Change, 2) Order Cancellation, 3) Order Delivery

Core 5 Automated Flows

Build main triggered flows - 1) Cart abandonment, 2) Browse abandonment, 3) Email Signup, 4) 1x Purchase, 5) 2x Purchase

Pricing: Welcome


$350 | 1-2 WKS

Data Analysis

Provide a deep dive assessment of the programs current state, including opportunities and challenges.

Systems Analysis

Provide an assessment of the the systems current state with opportunities and challenges.

Recommendations & Roadmap

Provide an outline of recommendations and potential roadmap for implementation.

Pricing: Welcome

We work with companies of all sizes

We don’t cost you a penny (in the end), as the increased revenue from your optimized email program will more than offset our fees. No really, we’re not joking. ​

But to answer your question about pricing, we work with companies of all sizes, plugging into each marketing team uniquely, so we adjust our pricing based on the size of the business and the task at hand. Let’s connect and we can give you a custom quote after just a brief conversation, and work together to figure out the right path forward.

Pricing: Welcome

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