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Program Audit

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Establishing Baselines

Think of us as one of those home inspection people crawling through the cobwebs under your house to let you know exactly what you have… or don’t. While marketing teams are anxious to start building anew, having a clear picture of the starting point and ensuring there’s a strong foundation is critical when scaling up.

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Our Audits Include The Following Areas:

Integrations & configurations

Data accuracy & reporting

Communication calendar

Planning and review processes

Transactional flows

Automated email flows

Currrent workflow

Efficiency opportunities

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We take a holistic approach, digging into the end-to-end systems and processes to understand where your program is today and what it will take to build the emails and SMS program your customers deserve. 

This includes auditing how the email and SMS programs work in combination with your other digital marketing efforts, to form a cohesive go-to-market offense capable of breaking through the noise to reach the right consumers. 

From the audit, we’ll be able to design a plan forward, whether that entails building from the ground up, fixing what’s broken and/or optimizing what’s working.

Program Audit: About Me

Automated Email Campaigns

We start by making sure your transaction flow is optimized because it’s always more efficient to keep the customers you have and that starts with a remarkable transaction experience. We’ll ensure you keep customers informed of the progress of their purchase, educated about how to get the most out of it, cared for if anything goes sideways, and stoked enough to tell all their friends.

Then we dive a little deeper because not all customers are created equal. Prospective and new customers require different information than existing customers; repeat customers deserve recognition of their loyalty to help spread the love.

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Where To Begin...

So we then move on to the big 5 automated email campaigns that can deliver the highest conversion rate:


Cart Abandonment

A 3-series proves to be effective in getting users to complete their purchase


Browse Abandonment

If users are browsing specific pages on your site, make it easy for them to get back there.


Email Signup

This 3-5 series is a great way to introduce your brand + increase the conversion of new email subscribers.


New Customer Post Purchase

Think about what information would be helpful to a customer who has just made their first purchase?


Non Purchasers

Are users signing up for your emails but not making a purchase?

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The power in automated Email & SMS flows is all about delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

Program Audit: About Me

Our Other Services


Temporary Management


Ongoing Management

Reporting & Analysis

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Make Your Marketing Easy

We can talk digital marketing all day, so don’t hesitate to reach out with a question or request for more info, we’ll get right back to you.

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