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SMS: Text

Why SMS?

For starters, SMS is the industry word for texts, it stands for Short Message Service. Think of SMS campaigns as no different than any other texts you receive, you respond to the ones that bring you the most value, whether that’s information, a laugh or just feeling connected.

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SMS Isn't Just For Promoting Sales

Voting and polling for data collection

Dynamic YMAL recommecdations

Loyalty campaigns for VIPs

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There is a reason why you’ve probably seen SMS used frequently to promote sales; saving money is a big value. But text campaigns can be much more, they are a great way to nurture leads, motivate people to finish an action, collect CRM data, and more. 

As an emerging communication tool SMS can seamlessly layer into your transactional flow and communication calendar. Instead of a traditional email drip series (sending 3 emails in a row to inform or drive customers to take an action), layering in SMS with brief messages and/or images can break through the noise and add variety to the flow, which has proven to increase conversion.

SMS: About Me

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SMS: Text
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