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Treat Yourself

Building emails should be easy

Don't waste time searching for a countdown timer or how to create "add to calendar" links. We've got a running list of tools we've either used or seen. These are the good ones.

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Not all ESPs have what you need.

That doesn't mean that getting a high converting email out the door has to be difficult.

Most of these are free or are at least super affordable for a small budget.

Add To Calendar Event


Easily create an Add To Calendar event for Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Yahoo Calendar.

Don't Know HTML?


Don't know how to code an HTML email? Try using Stripo. You can either export the HTML or possibly sync your template to your email tool.

Countdown Timer


Want to insert a countdown timer into your email? I've tried a few tools, but this one is freeeeee.

Subject Line Preview


Amazing mobile preview when trying to write subject lines & preheaders for mobile.



Looking for more emojis? This website has all the latest and you can easily copy & paste them.

UTM Tracking for URLs


Build & shorten URLs so you can track your campaigns in Google Analytics (GA) or Google Data Studio.

Fake Email For Testing Workflows


Need to test a Welcome Email automation and don't want to keep using all of your personal email addresses? This tool will let you create a temporary & fake inbox.

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Communication Calendar Template

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